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If you love teaching, you have come to the right place. Manipal Global Skills Academy is looking for passionate trainers like you who can share their knowledge with young graduates & professionals and enhance their careers. And the best part? Earn while you do so.

Be The Best & Work With The Best

At Manipal Global Skills Academy, we believe in providing quality training to our young students who will shape the future of our country and the world. And for that, we need trainers who can impart quality education.

Over here, you will get an opportunity to teach graduates & professionals across domains like Salesforce, Java, Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Software Testing, Data Analytics, Sales & Soft Skills.

What’s In For You?

With Manipal, you get the opportunity to train graduates & professionals across the country & conduct promoted webinars increasing your audience & visibility. We at Manipal Global Skills Academy value your time & effort in enriching the learner’s life with your content, and while doing so, we offer exciting compensation for the same.

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MGSA is a pioneer of upscaling education in India. We define our mission as helping organizations and educators stay ahead of the ever-growing demands and opportunities in the Tech and BFSI sectors.

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